Poverty is over in London.
With your help.

Today, when you woke up, more than 62,000 Londoners did not have enough resources or supports to live with dignity. 

You already know this isn’t right or okay, and that our community can’t afford to stand for it anymore.

That’s why we need your voice.

With this toolkit, it’s SO EASY. Your choice of visuals and messages to share in the channel of your choice are here. And just like that, you’re an Amplifier, an important voice in this important conversation.

campaign guidelines

Poverty Over Logo

Consistency is Key

If we’re consistent, we’ll be able to tell stories knowing that everyone is listening—knowing that they’ll connect all of our efforts, and think about the bigger picture.

If we aren’t, we run a much higher risk of creating confusing and unappealing visual content, and in turn losing our audience’s trust and attention.

Thank you for reading these guidelines.

Logo Package

Poverty Over - Official Logo Variants

Clear space & alignment

Poverty Over - Logo spacing and alignment

Use the provided files from the logo package, as outlined below. Do not modify the logo in any way—keep it just the way it is! Use the white logo on an orange background whenever possible.

Social Media Messaging

Facebook Logo

Facebook Sample Posts

It’s time to have this conversation on Facebook with more Londoners. Use these sample posts and join the discussion today! 

Twitter logo

Tweet Sheet

It’s time to have this conversation on Tweets with more Londoners. Use these sample tweets and join the discussion today! 

Social Media Assets

Poverty Over Social Media Assets

Cover photos, avatars, email banners, and more. Get everything you need to show support for Poverty Over on your social channels of choice.

Print Assets

Poverty Over Poster - Londoners living in poverty could fill Bud Gardens

12" by 12" Poster

Use this poster to drive awareness around what poverty means in our community.

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 10.03.23 AM.png

Teaser Cards

This 3.75" double-sided square card is the perfect leave-behind.

City Illustration

This custom illustration connects visitors to London's community.

Presentation Template

Poverty Over - Presentation Template

Use this Powerpoint template (PPTX) file to stay on-brand with the campaign. 

Video Assets

Meet Eric

See Eric's video on Vimeo and share or embed the video.

Meet Eric on Vimeo ➞

Meet Marci

See Marci's video on Vimeo and share or embed the video.

Meet Marci on Vimeo ➞

Watch Terri's Clip

Terri talks about how she found her voice again.

Watch Terri on Vimeo ➞

Meet Shane

See Shane's video on Vimeo and share or embed the video.

Meet Shane on Vimeo ➞

Watch Eric's Clip

Eric talks about the hidden rules of poverty. 

Watch Eric on Vimeo ➞

Meet Terri

See Terri's video on Vimeo and share or embed the video.

Meet Terri on Vimeo ➞

Watch Shane's Clip

Shane talks about the importance of social capital.

Watch Shane on Vimeo ➞