What kind of
community energizer are you?


Answer this seven question quiz to see what kind of community energizer you are and see a personalized list of ways to get involved and make a difference in our community.

  1. On a Saturday, you'll find me...

    • Watching a documentary on Netflix
    • Hosting a dinner party for friends and family
    • Organizing a community event
  2. I like to recharge my batteries by...

    • Reading a book
    • Movie night at home with my family
    • Having drinks with friends
  3. What kind of gifts do you like to receive?

    • Unique, unexpected gifts from local independent shops, markets
    • Gift cards to I can pick out what I like
    • The gift of time together enjoying a meal or doing an activity
  4. When faced with a new problem, how do you approach it?

    • Gather information and try to understand the cause of the problem
    • Strategize to come up with the best possible solution
    • Consult with others who have experience solving a simliar problem
  5. Which word describes you best:

    • Organized
    • Enthusiastic
    • Active
  6. If you could meet one of the following people, who would you meet?

    • Jane Goodall
    • Steve Jobs
    • Oprah
  7. Your friend needs a ride to the airport. You:

    • Find the most efficient route with google maps
    • Curate a playlist of your favourite songs
    • Pick them up early, stop for coffee and talk the entire way