How your holiday shopping can make an impact in our community

Written by: Julie Forrester, Social Enterprise Coach, Pillar Nonprofit Network

The holidays are about giving. We buy gifts for our loved ones to show how much we care. We give donations to charities who impact our community. Gifts hold a sentimental value. They represent generosity and selflessness during a caring time of year.

But what if your gift could give to more than just one person? What if your gift could give a marginalized teen a job? What if your gift could feed a family?

When you buy from social enterprises, you buy a gift for you AND your community. Social enterprises are nonprofit & for-profit organizations that sell products in order to create social good in our community.  From stocking stuffers to homewares to clothing and jewelry, there’s a gift for everyone on your list. 

If you're new to shopping with local social enterprises, the Meaningful Market is the perfect place to start. Created by Pillar Nonprofit Network, with local vendors selling affordable, quality gifts that give back! The market is on December 6th from 4pm to 8pm—the perfect after work or school activity. As well as the shopping, there will be a social enterprise pitch competition at 5pm, free food catered by Edgar and Joe’s cafe, and a cash bar from London Brewing Co-op. Festive fun for everyone!

Whether you buy online or in store, make sure you buy social this holiday season: Gifts so nice they give twice.

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